The calvary

At the village entrance from Saint Marcel d’Aude lies a religious monument called “the Calvary”. The city hall started the refurbishment of this city monument and plans to open it later as a city garden.

Sophie Viramont is the person who decided to build this monument. She came from Bizanet with her young husband but their wedding and happiness were short.

The husband died at 31 in 1834 and left a widow with 3 children: a girl that died a few months after her birth, a son that died when he was 16 and a second son that died at the age of 30 in 1861. As a tribute to her faithful departed, Sophie Viramont had this calvary built from 1862 onwards. It was then an underground vault to host the remains of her family.

The calvary consists of a central chapel, a roofed ambulatory with stations of the cross, statues of the Christ, Mary and Saint John. For lack of money, the maintenance of the place stopped. Since it is now considered as a city monument, a war memorial was erected in its park.