The Canal de Jonction

The Canal de Jonction, which is now on UNESCO World Heritage list, is a French waterway linking the Canal du Midi to the Canal de la Robine via the river Aude. It represents the liaison between the Canal du Midi and Narbonne and then Port-La-Nouvelle.

The Canal de Jonction was opened in 1787, about a century after the Canal du Midi. It is exclusively located in Sallèles-d’Aude. 7 locks are scattered across its 8 kilometres. Most of the trees that can be found on its banks are ancient pine trees.

Thanks to the towpaths alongside of it, the Canal is the perfect place for a nice little walk. On foot or on a bike, people will discover breathtaking landscapes. It is also possible to sail on it with a little rental barge and thus go through its 7 locks. The banks of the Canal are favourable to chilling out and having fun. They also attract a lot of fishing enthusiasts.

The Pont-Canal

The Pont-Canal of Sallèles-d’Aude, on the Canal du Midi, is a 3-branch aqueduct that allows the river Cesse to flow underneath the Canal. This place full of trees and close to the bois de Truilhas attracts many walking or fishing enthusiasts.