Francis I’s castle

Located in front of the Jardin du Roy, the castle of Francis I already existed during the 12th century and possessed three Middle-Ages-style towers.

Nowadays, only its exterior can be seen. Often reworked, this is one of the rare Renaissance-style buildings in the region.

Many lords lived in it but the most famous one is Francis I in 1542. Of the three castle towers, only one is intact.

This building is a listed historical monument. It has been extended during the second half of the 17th and 18th centuries. It is composed of two buildings at a right angle with a yard. The South wing is the oldest part. Inside, reworks have modified the original building and the fireplaces have also been removed. A painted scenery from the 16th scenery can be seen upstairs. In the West wing, there is a staircase with an ironwork banister from 1739.

The well still exists today but the ironwork and the edge have disappeared. The frieze on the entablature bears a Latin inscription of which a few letters are damaged.


La meule du moulin

La meule à soufre du moulin voisin trône maintenant au pied d’un olivier majestueux.