Events throughout the year

Every year is punctuated with different events for all ages. New events are regularly invented by the dynamic and creative city hall staff. Please feel free to consult the agenda to keep informed about the events to come. Those are carefully created to match the inhabitants’ needs. Here is an overview of the recurring events in Sallèles-d’Aude.


The mayor gives the inhabitants his best wishes.


The first weekend of February, the local festival is held (funfair and village dance).


This month is punctuated with all the different commemorations.


The 3rd Sunday of July, the Eau, Terre et Vin festival attracts over 15,000 people on the banks of the Canal de Jonction.


The traditional potters market takes place in the plate trees’ shadow, place de la République, on August 14 & 15.


In October, the marché de la cousette et du terroir is the ideal place for everyone who loves sewing and eating local products.


In December, the Community social action association offers shows for the children and a snack for the senior.